Life is an amazing gift. My parents and siblings smother me in love, and my friends are constantly teaching me new things about the great world in which I live. Metalearning -- learning how to learn -- is my greatest passion. Right now, my two big goals in life are to (1) pass on my joy of learning to mankind by improving education and (2) make the world a better place with technology. I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who help me grow closer to these objectives every day.

I just finished Computer Science and Mathematics degrees at Walla Walla University; software is the focal point of my academic career. My main projects right now are

  • LunaSea: a tide calendar for iPhone.
  • Ra-Ra-Ramen: a noodle vending machine.
  • Apollo: an epic poem that mixes Greek and Hebrew mythology.
  • Transparent Manufacturing: data collection and analysis.
  • Sailor Songs: a pirate love-story told through six songs.
  • Swink: ultrasonic for the kitchen.

Feel free to contact me for more information. I'm always looking for amazing people with whom I can share big thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!