2018/10/12 2242h

Pocket is my personal black-hole.

I have thousands and thousands of links from the years stored in there. None of them have seen the light of day. Seriously, it’s so overwhelming that I’ve been avoiding opening the application… until now!

I just found pocket-cli — it’s so nifty! If you plan on using it, this page is super helpful for creating an authentication token.

2018/10/08 2145h

I have a lot of digital notes spread across different systems. And they’re very poorly organized.

I desparately want to organize them, but I think they’re okay for now.

2018/10/08 2114h

I’m, once again, tempted to update my XMonad and Emacs configs. Resist!

2018.10.06 1205h

I want to write more, but it’s difficult to find time!

I’d like to start using iOS dictation while I’m driving. We’ll see…

2018.09.15 1435h

I’d like to revamp the keymaps for my XMonad and Emacs environments, but they’re actually kinda fine how they are right now. When do you know when it’s time to invest time into tweaking your environment? I could spend weeks doing something that would barely save me any time!

But seriously, I spend so much dang time in my text editor that I should probably start identifying things that eat up a lot of time! For instance, I need to start using and managing marks (Vim-style). I don’t know. I guess I should hold-off on this until I have some better ideas on how to improve.

I’d really like some auto-formatting tools in Emacs! I’m very particular about how I line things up, so something like that might be helpful. We’ll see.

I also need to generally refresh my .emacs, but once again, I don’t really need to. It just feels messy. Ahh. Okay I’ll revisit the idea later.

2018.09.15 1410h

This is a place for my thoughts and updates on text-editors, keyboards, time-management, workspaces, and priorities.

Let’s do this!