2018/08/05 1052h

Just making a note here that it would be really cool to make a “skull garden”.

There’s something so metal about growing plants in animal skulls! Like, it seems so natural. Especially shrooms and carnivorous plants.

2018/08/05 1052h

I’m surprised that more software-engineers don’t take an interest in gardening!

Growing software and plants are pretty much the same thing:

  • read the plant’s spec sheet
  • fight bugs
  • give the plant occasional attention
  • don’t overdo it

And so, I’m going to plant a container garden!

Here are the things I’m interested in growing:

  • mushrooms
  • swamp
  • useful
  • bonsai
  • carnivorous
  • orchids
  • underwater
  • vines
  • desert
  • fuzzy

Next steps:

  • mycology
  • make a wish-list