Gender & AI in Modern Media

I think there are specific stereotypes for “male” and “female” AIs in television and movies.

I plan on going through the following lists to find some patterns:


Here are my first observations (in a personal shorthand, for now):

  • female AI:

    • real fake meat: westworld, ghost in the shell, ex-machina
    • am i real hurr durr: westworld, ghost in the shell
    • is she real hurr durr: ex-machina, her
    • bad bitch: ex-machina, westworld
    • manipulative: ex-machina, glados, cortana?
    • pure: eve (wall-e)
    • servant: rosey (jetsons)
  • male AI:

    • violent: joshua (war-games), i have no mouth, HAL9000
    • heroic: optimus prime, terminator, bladerunner
    • humorous: c3p0, marvin (hitchhiker’s guide), wall-e
    • cold: data (star trek)
    • TODO: sonny (irobot)
    • servant: c3p0