How Wrong Wins

There are plenty of terrible designs that we’ve accepted because “that’s just the way it is”.

Here’s a list of cool ideas that I want to explore:

  • am vs fm (interesting story)
  • ac vs dc (also interesting)
  • querty vs dvorak
  • nontyped languages
  • eye/vision charts
  • metric vs imperial
  • public vs private transit
  • belts vs suspenders
  • alcohol vs everything else
  • 13-month calendar
  • nuclear vs everything else
  • pi vs tau
  • notations

    • math
    • music
  • hyperpartisan politics

    • first-pass-the-post
  • oses and the internet

    • smalltalk
    • minix
    • lisp
    • the web
  • landscape vs portrait monitors

    • tv IS better in landscape because our eyes scan wide
    • and early comp monitors were tvs
    • but landscape is terrible for documents because reading is difficult
    • but it was okay at first beacuse it was only 80ish lines wide…