Spotify's API Pages are Without Equal

nice docs

A Focus on Examples

It’s really nice to have a little interface that produces real-life text.

Plus, notice the button that autofills samples! Sometimes docs say things like date, but it’s unclear how they want their date formatted.

Best of all, you can copy-and-paste it! Every API doc should have at least one example.

Easy Authentication & Permissions

nice docs

Authentication is often the biggest hassle of integrating an application.

Not only do they make it easy to generate a client ID, but they have a nice little check-box system to make sure that you’ve selected a sane scope.

Just Do It

Lastly, why shouldn’t you be able to play with the interface from the docs? I don’t want to rewrite bootstrap code in my target system just to see how the dang thing works!

Plus, it shows you output data. This is huge. One of the hardest parts about integrations is that you don’t know what to expect! It’s wonderful being able to play around with results in their environment, where I have a narrow range of things that can go wrong.

With an interface that can quickly produce outputs, I can compare against the code in my target environment! This is such a breath-of-fresh-air.