Staying Awake

During a lucid dreaming experience, you wake up while you’re still in the dream. For a short while, you’ve half woken up, which is an experience neither like sleeping nor waking. It’s somewhere very different altogether.

In the same way, what does it take to stay awake while you’re awake, and still stay awake? I mean, I think that it’s similar to playing a video game while remembering it’s a video game. We forget we’re playing, but there is no moment at which we’d agree that that’s the “real world” and that the contents of the game have consequences. But life is very much like a video game, and we forget that we’re playing minute after minute. The problem is, the consequences of the game feel real! But outside of literal physical suffering, it’s usually not real. Life’s actually not a big deal. Nor is death. It’s as significant as zelda losing a life — or maybe even a quarter of a heart. But anyway, how do you make it so that you play the game without playing it? How do you win the game without getting caught up in it? You have to balance (1) caring about the game, (2) not caring about the game, (3) remembering that it’s a game.