Useful & Interestng VR Stuff

What are some unique VR applications?

Film Theory for Virtual Reality

Serious cinema really hasn’t been explored for VR. What are our options?


Let’s start talking about static shots. What’s possible?

It’s actually just a series of transforms in a space, in relation to an observer! Describe the linear and nonlinear transformations for each of these.

Aspect Ratios

Is there action happening “behind your head”? Can you turn around and see it?

Can you move your head in 3-space, or only tilt it? If so, then that makes a lot of the stuff below more complicated.

Position and Direction

Given one or more objects in a space, from what positions and directions can we capture all targets?

What feelings do the spatial relationships evoke?

Does the 180 rule apply?

What about tilt?


Zoom isn’t possible, or is it?

You can expand the center of the spectator’s vision and shrink the periphery to create a zoom.


What do “VR lenses” look like at different DoF?

Depth Perception

We can do a lot of weird stuff with depth-perception!

For instance, while maintaining the same image, we can invert the depth so that the world seems to be coming “out” at you where it shouldn’t.


What happens when we vary our position and transformations over time?


What happens when we link dynamic shots together?