I’m surprised that more software-engineers don’t take an interest in gardening!

Growing software and plants are pretty much the same thing:

  • read the plant’s spec sheet
  • fight bugs
  • give the plant occasional attention
  • don’t overdo it

Ivy I.V.

Ivy I.V.

I’ve got Epipremnum aureum (a.k.a. Pothos) (a.k.a. Devil’s Ivy) on an I.V. pole.

I think I’m very funny.

Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis is a fun little plant! I love how much it moves around.

Coming Soon

Here are the groups I’m interested in growing:

  • mushrooms
  • swamp
  • useful
  • bonsai
  • carnivorous
  • orchids
  • underwater
  • vines
  • desert
  • moss
  • kinetic

And here are some containers that I’m interested in:

  • skulls
  • I.V.
  • lightbulb (terrarium)
  • vertical
  • glass cross-section
  • old sink
  • lightbulb (pots)
  • toilet
  • old computer
  • typewriter