I want to make a programming language designed for usage as a shell. BASH is an abomination, and I’m not convinced that our normal line-by-line way of doing things is great, either.

It should function much like Wolfram Language, but be easier on the eyes and fingers.

But once again, I’m not married to the idea of line-by-line apps. I don’t know. What would a solid shell look like? I’m picturing something more like linking up guitar pedals together, at least in certain views.

One thing that might be cool is if you had an area for typing commands, and some visual(?) buckets for piping data. I know that files serve this purpose, but it’s often useful to run command and then command and then command operating on the same data. Piping is nice, but sometimes you get unexpected results and need to clean things up! On second thought, this could be a “view” or an “app” that people run within the terminal, it shouldn’t be built into the shell.

But yeah, the primary goal of the shell should be data and schemas. It should have access to giant datasets (like Wolfram Language), and it should be easy to use tags and shapes to do things! Because honestly, one of the biggest problems with BASH (and modern OSes) is that we have to do a lot of messy (and often faulty) conversions to/from strings. Let’s put some structure in the world!

I also like the idea of having an APL-like language designed specifically for string manipulation.