2018/09/15 1112h

I want to make a generalized cryptographic-based comments service!

I think “comments” is a bit too specific. I’d like to make a service that lets you reference a hash at another hash, identifying yourself by a wallet address.

The entire database will be a list of triples like

type alias Ink 

  = ( Hash      -- This is the hash of the content or address you're commenting on.
                -- It may just be a hash of another comment or ink-blob!

    , Hash      -- This is the hash of your comment.
                -- Optionally, you should be able to store it in the DB, 
                -- or host it locally.

    , Signature -- A signature of the two hashes.
                -- Optionally, you can store user profile information associated 
                -- with the address by signing a blob and putting it on the servers.

Additionally, the server will keep track of timestamps and other convenient stuff to make everybody’s lives easier.

Eventually, it would be really cool to make this service trustless, but that’s a bit of a stretch goal.