Time-management is hard. So I delegated the hard parts to a computer program.

nowify runs my life.

Every morning, I up start nowify and it guides me through my day: “what am I supposed to be doing now?”

nowify counts every second. If I forget about nowify, it yells at me.

Here’s the general logic:

Because humans change more often than computer programs, there are meta-routines to update the routines:

Very simple. Very effective.


It would be great if nowify could show me a preview of my GitHub notifications when my GitHub routine comes up.


Some extra tasks:


Upon startup, it would be cool if nowify ensured that all my stuff was committed/pulled/backed-up.


I’d like to integrate “don’t break the chain” (The Seinfeld Method) for each routine. Each prompt should show how many consecutive days I’ve kept the routine. I could also publish my stats to


Current task list:


In the near future, I’ll move all the pending work to this project log.